February 22, 2021

Waiting... and waiting...

Waiting... and waiting... - Fire Sparks Creations

You know where you're excited to get started... and then have to wait? Super frustrating. That's my life right now. I have so many awesome designs I want to make - some are mostly done, some are waiting to be cut out - and in all cases I'm waiting on materials to arrive. 

I've got a great sling pattern and I've got everything I need to make it - fabric, hardware, you name it! I ordered antique brass zipper and ended up with gunmetal zipper tape and antique brass pulls. I suppose it would do, but I'm a perfectionist over here and there's no way I could convince myself to mix gunmetal with antique brass. So here I am, waiting for antique brass zipper tape and gunmetal pulls (can't let a good zipper go to waste, right?).

Pink zipper pouch with little birds and fire sparks creations label

But that's ok. I've got another great design I've found, and I've already made a dozen! So much fun to make... but it needs a belt and the hardware I have is either too small or a little too heavy for my needs. So, I'm waiting for more to arrive.

Sigh. It seems I'm stuck waiting in a holding pattern. 
On the plus side: I got a new walking foot for my vintage machine, and one of the things I am so impatiently waiting for is some faux-leather to test out! I'll keep you posted!