Welcome to Fire Sparks Creations

Hey there! Welcome to Fire Sparks Creations. Each bag, wallet, and accessory is sewn in my home-based studio in East Hawkesbury, Ontario. Every piece gets my love and attention for top-notch quality and unique flair. Life's too short for boring bags, so I love to add a playful touch to each design. From bold patterns to bright hues, my creations embody Fire Sparks' fun-loving spirit. If you want a practical yet playful accessory, Fire Sparks Creations is your stop!

Meet the Maker

I'm Lisa Sparkes, the creative mind behind Fire Sparks Creations. Back in 2017, I dove into the world of making bags and accessories. I started after a frustrating quest for a lively, colorful bag left me empty-handed. I was searching for something unique, not just another black or brown handbag from the big box stores. Fed up with blending in, I stumbled upon the vibrant colors and designs I craved at our local quilt shop. That's when Fire Sparks Creations was born.

The vintage Singer Fashion Mate 237 sewing machine I use holds a special place in my heart. My aunt generously passed it on to me a couple of years after my grandmother passed away. They had snagged it at the Salvation Army store, and even though my aunt already had a machine, my grandmother insisted, "It's a good machine... you never know when you'll need it." Little did she know that every single item in our shop would be sewn on this very machine. It's more than just a tool; it's a connection to cherished memories and a nod to the creativity that runs in the family.

The Story Behind the Name

Growing up, our family had campfires often. My dad couldn't resist making jokes about the sparks flying up from the flames, especially with a name like Sparkes. So, when the time came to christen my new venture, the name "Fire Sparks Creations" just clicked. It's a nod to those fond campfire memories and a playful touch. It perfectly captures the spirit of what I create.

When I'm not busy with my sewing projects, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, David, our daughter, and our cats. Nature holds a special place in my heart, especially the mountains and the salty sea air of Newfoundland. You can often spot this love for nature reflected in the fabrics I choose for my creations. Alongside my passion for crafting, I work full-time as a lab technician in the biology department at Vanier College in Montreal, Quebec.