September 10, 2020

Product Feature: Cross-Body Bags

Product Feature: Cross-Body Bags - Fire Sparks Creations

I'm not usually a cross-body bag person. I don't think I've used one since high school. The last couple years I've been using one of our giant totes as my go-to bag, and it's been pretty great. I mean they're huge! The amount of stuff they can hold is pretty impressive.

Zebra cross-body bag laying on a grey wood floor

Then last week I had to run an errand and I wanted something a little smaller to carry than the tote. So, I grabbed the zebra cross-body bag to give it a good test run. I've been eyeing this bag since it came off the sewing machine, the fabric is just so much fun! I tossed in my wallet, keys, and sunglasses and I was off.

Zebra cross body bag with sunglasses and cell phone peeking out of pockets

Let me tell you - I LOVE this bag! The adjustable strap allows you to easily go from shoulder bag to cross body. The two outer slip pockets are perfect for keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer and a mask in easy reach - essential needs in these times. There's also the front zip pocket where I like to keep my cell phone and a pen. Inside the bag, I of course had my wallet, keys, and sunglasses in their case. Another zip pocket inside kept any small items from getting lost in the bottom - like an essential lip gloss. And to top it all off: a top zipper to keep everything safe. 

Zebra cross-body bag open showing the roomy interior

Trust me when I say more of these bags will be coming!