November 19, 2021

Meet the NCW

Meet the NCW - Fire Sparks Creations

I've had this pattern for a while... like, a long while. It was one I purchased early on in this adventure: the Necessary Clutch Wallet (also known as the NCW) by Janelle MacKay of Emmaline Bags. I bought it thinking I'd like to add wallets to my lineup one day, and how great is this wallet! With it's many card slots, zipped coin pocket, and even space to hold a cell phone - as far as I was concerned this was the perfect "hold all my stuff" wallet. 

So, I cut out all the fabrics and got started. The pattern calls for some pretty thick interfacing in the flap (Pellon Peltex for those of you in the know) to give it a firm structure and feel. So I picked up some Peltex from a local shop, fused it to my fabric and set off to my old reliable vintage Singer. 

And it refused to sew it.

I had to turn the hand wheel of my machine for Every. Single. Stitch. This was not going to work out. So the cut fabric got put away in the bottom of a drawer. Every time I'd happen across it I would think maybe one day I'll make it.

This past spring I came across a post on one of the bag making groups I belong to on Facebook - someone had made a beautiful NCW. I though maybe this was the year I tackle it. I started by watching some videos of others making it, and read up on how everyone else was doing it. Turns out a lot of people had difficulty sewing with Peltex, and they recommended Decovil Light instead. 

I ordered some to test it out and it was AMAZING! It gives a great structure, a nice leather feel to cotton fabrics, and the best part: my machine can handle it with no issue! Another plus: it's so much FUN to make! 

These wallets are all one-of-a-kind or limited run only, so be sure to grab your favourite before it's gone! Find them here!