June 28, 2019

Studio Update

Studio Update - Fire Sparks Creations

Do you ever look around and get bored of what you see? Every so often that is exactly what happens when I look around my sewing studio. Instead of getting excited to work on the tasks of the day I get bogged down with a sense of frustration and discouragement. My solution: rearrange the space to refresh the mind! This is something I've been doing for as long as I can remember and it's a great way to get my mind out of a funk.

Two weeks ago that was exactly what was called for - the flurry of craft shows and events was behind me and a list of custom orders and everyday business tasks were waiting to be tackled. And, of course, this was the exact moment my brain said "nope". 

My studio is in our basement in a small room with only so many ways it can be arranged. The last time it was changed was last March, and I was pretty convinced that it was the best arrangement.  

The metal office cabinet was a hand-me-down from my dad - he's had it since he started his business when I was 5, so although its quite large and cumbersome it has a special place in my heart and there's no way I can replace it.

After a bit of work, here's the end result!

In the end it wasn't a big change, but what a difference it made to the space! Not only does it feel bigger, but as soon as I was done I was ready to start ALL THE PROJECTS! Can't get any better motivation than that!