January 24, 2020

Photography in the "Wild"

Photography in the "Wild" - Fire Sparks Creations

It had been pretty cold in Eastern Ontario up until last week when we were finally gifted with some mild weather. So, I decided to take advantage of the "warm" weather to get outside and look for a good spot to take some product photos. I've been wanting to do it since the summer, but I could never figure out where to set up. I mean we're sitting on almost 3 acres out in the country, surely there were some spots that would be perfect, right?

Finally, as I was getting ready to head out, I thought of the old fence behind our barn. It's a forgotten part of our yard - we don't keep any farm animals anymore (we did have chickens a few years back), and the gate is too narrow to get the lawn tractor in to cut the grass in there. So, it always sits empty and full of long grass in the summer. I mentioned to David that we should just take the fence down and he had tried in the fall. But the grass was so thickly entwined int the fencing that it refused to budge. We decided to wait until early spring to deal with it.

Lucky for me, that fence was still up because I had a sudden thought of a tote bag hanging on one of the posts. So we brought out a bunch of products, and the camera equipment and set to work. And with the first shot, I knew I had stumbled on the perfect setting. Now I can't wait for the next bout of warm weather to get out there again!