Our Newest Line of Tote Bags Has Arrived!

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My tote bag is my go-to everyday bag and let me tell you, winter is hard on these bags. Snow, slush, salt... my bag has seen it all (which is why I know how awesome it is to toss it into the wash to keep it looking fresh!). I've been looking for something that's just as durable as the canvas I love to use but water resistant. Which is why I got so excited when one of my suppliers started selling waxed canvas.

This stuff is amazing - just as durable as regular canvas but water beads on it! I couldn't wait to start sewing with it and I knew that winter bags were where I had to start. 

Waxed canvas is similar to leather in that it will get crease marks and develop a patina over time. It's these marks that give waxed canvas it's signature look. If you're not a fan of this look, no worries! Use a hair dryer to minimize the look of the creases. It's also easy to clean - just use a soft cloth or brush to spot clean.

I've got 4 of these unique beauties listed in the shop, grab your favourite one to take your look beyond the ordinary!

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